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My name is Zbigniew Dubiel. I am a passionate professional Transportation Designer with over eight years of international experience in design and styling mostly vehicle exteriors and interiors. During this time, I have been involved in several production and conceptual projects in Europe, United Kingdom, China and the USA. The combination of creative thinking, very well developed designer skill set, business understanding, organizational and project management abilities and the strong motivation allows me to deliver high class design solutions.

Experience & Education

I graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, where I received the Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Transportation/Automotive Design. 

Shortly after, I joined the research and development office at Solaris Bus in Poland - one of the top bus manufacturers. Later I worked at various renowned transportation design consultancies including David Gordon Design, SNC Lavalin (formerly Interfleet Technology) of Derby and London based Tangerine Design. I gained a lot of valuable experience in vehicle production and concept design. 

At the same time, during the past years I also worked as an independent freelance designer. It gave me the opportunity to work directly with various startups and investors on their future projects. Most recently I have been closely working with Jiangsu Alfa Bus - private bus manufacturer from China - on their next generation new energy (electric) city bus.

My background, my skill set, experience and passion allows me to approach every project in individual and very professional way.  I always look to create innovative, stylish and original in its appearance transportation solutions in order meet new and future urban mobility, automotive and public transport standards.


Design management, planning, scheduling according to project goals and deadlines.

Understanding and practical knowledge of automotive and public transport changing trends.

Concept ideation using digital and conventional 2D tools.

Concept 3D surfaces.

Realistics renderings and visualisations of the designed concept.

Close collaboration with engineer, modellers and suppliers.

Strong presentation and communication skills.


Defining client aspirations and understanding end user needs. Researching and analyzing market trends. Design planning and scheduling.

Generating initial ideas through the design drawings using various digital and conventional tools.

Creating concept 3D models along with the concept realistic renderings. Designing in compliance with technical packages and requirements. Working in close collaboration with engineering teams and prospective suppliers.

Generating final 3D data of the designed surfaces. Providing support with prototyping and model making process - full size mock up models. 

Assisting client with preparation for manufacturing stage in order to ensure the final design of the vehicle stays true to its original design vision.