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Electric Kit Car - Navrot

Electric Sports Kit Car designed to be self assembled by its future user. Fun to drive, convenient for everyday commuting, great for weekends with race track performance driving capability.

Design: Electric powertrain with fast charging batteries located in the central part of the floor. The electric engine located in between the rear wheels. The lightweight frame construction and suspension built with off the shelf parts from donor cars.

Style: Retro Modern Kit Car, Individualistic with sporty character, inspired by classic Lotus 7 and Caterham 7.

Design project for Investment Group JJ Invest Sp. z o.o.Lódz, Poland 2017/2019

Navrot 16.jpg
Navrot 08.jpg
Navrot 12.jpg
 Examples of the design development

Examples of the design development

dubieldesign_Navrot 10s.jpg
dubieldesign_Navrot 11bs.jpg
dubieldesign_Navrot 2s.jpg
dubieldesign_Navrot 1Cs2.jpg
dubieldesign_Navrot 3s.jpg
dubieldesign_Navrot 21s.jpg
dubieldesign_Navrot 20a s.jpg
000s 3 s.jpg