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Dubiel Design wins A'Design Award & Competition for Torqway Hybrid

30th April 2019

Torqway Hybrid, designed by Dubiel Design in collaboration with Torqway Sp. z o.o., has won the Iron A' Design Award 2018 - 2019, Italy in Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.

Torqway Hybrid - The Nordic Riding is a physical exercise vehicle enhanced by electric powertrain  as an additional support during uphill ride or when arms need a little relief form workout. This is an innovative activity device for an outdoor physical exercise, which supports mature people in maintaining good condition and physical independence. Riding Torqway Hybrid activates all muscle groups, it doesn’t put strain on joints, and its exercises are up to 20% more effective than walking. The Torqway is very safe and stable due to its low center of gravity with batteries located in the floor. By implementation of the advanced hybrid drive technology, navigating the Torqway is very easy and convenient. The vehicle connects with the app for the activity tracking updates.

Zbigniew Dubiel transportation design experience and skills were essential in delivering well thought out aesthetically and ergonomically final product.

During the development stage Dubiel Design has constantly worked along with Torqway's engineers and marketing specialist in order to achieve the most desired results.  We have collaborated with the top specialist in CNC model making in order to deliver highest quality physical concept model.

Torqway Hybrid is currently in the  pre-production prototype development stage.

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